Library occupies a place of pride at BLDEA's College of Pharmacy and is an essential component of the college's outstanding research and education mission. Recognizing the role of library and information services in meeting the requirements of the college's academic, research and training programmers, the Library was set-up as one of the key divisions of the BLDEA's College of Pharmacy. It is a most lively place on the campus providing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge, and promotes discovery and scholarship. The library has a ready stock of books, journals, magazines and newsletter from all over the world, replete with all kinds of support activities, like photocopying, audio-visual rooms, electronic media section, mapped with various reputed libraries in India . The centrally located Library, stocking a rich collection of learning resources in the discipline of Pharmacy Education, is built on most modern lines, equipped with latest designed furniture & fittings and is managed by a highly dedicated team of professionals. The library caters to the information needs of its highly demanding patrons, by offering a wide range of Pharmacy and products. Apart from the Central Library, each Department too has its own Departmental Library which caters to customized needs of Students and Faculty Members and helps to share Conducive Academic Atmosphere with acoustic settings and resources.


Hundreds of students from all across the state live in hostel premises, which come closest to being "a home away from home". The separate facilities for boys and girls, caring wardens and a tight security ensure a pleasant stay allowing the students to focus on academics. Whilst internet access and best lab facilities ensure close contact with family and friends outside, the fully equipped common rooms allow for that relaxed time with friends on Campus. The College has a elegantly constructed Girls. Hostel in the campus having two , three and four seaters. Hygienically prepared nutritious food, recreation room equipped with T.V., facility of games and internet, exemplary discipline with desired freedom make the hostel a home away from home. We appreciate parents anxiety regarding a safe and secure environment for their wards. The wardens in both the hostels act as guardians for the hostellers. Ragging is given a big No both at our campus and in our hostels.


To abide by the state of the-art Infrastructure, BLDEA's College of Pharmacy has made available highest number of personal computers equipped with the latest softwares and connected to the latest accessories and services and other gadgets under one roof. The Labs are equipped with latest soft wares which include different Language Compilers, Operating Systems, Visual Studios, and packages for academics and administrative Purposes and thus marked as the Best among the Colleges in North Karnataka to be fully integrated with IT Solutions. BLDEA's College of Pharmacy has high-end servers with high-speed processor and colored monitors.. All the technological resources at BLDEA's College of Pharmacy are upgraded frequently to ensure that students are finely tuned to current trends in the World of technical advancements. In fact, every student gets ample time per week for hands-on computing experience as part of a guided learning session under the supervision of an expert faculty member. In addition to this session, each student is free to pursue computing activities at his or her preferred time, for the duration of his or her choice.
* Powerful servers for 100% redundancy and efficient data managemen.t
* 1 Km OFC backbone for providing seamless connectivity.
* High end firewall security featured network.
* 24hrs Power Back Up for Online uninterrupted power supply (UPS & Generator).
* Central Computing Lab Facility.


With the Objective of developing a Sound Mind with a Sound Physical Health, overall personality of students is dealt with prime priority at BLDEA's College of Pharmacy.

* At BLDEA's College of Pharmacy, we emphasize on Sporting and allied activities keeping a pace with Academics.
* The college encourages students to attain sporting excellence and provides all the necessary facilities and equipment to the students for maintaining physical fitness and good health.
* The infrastructure has been designed with good facilities for sports as well as recreational activities. The college has top sports facilities including the following:
o Cricket
o Football
o Tennis Court
o Lawn Tennis
o Basket Ball Courts
o Badminton Courts
o Volleyball Courts
o Carom
The Campus comes into the most lively mode when hundreds of Students staying in Hostels are found enjoying the pleasure of these sports as players and audience in Evening.


The college runs its own fleet of buses for the convenience of the students and the staff members to help them commute from Hostel. The students intending to avail the transport facility need to inform the transport officer at the time of admission.
* Well coordinated punctual and regular service available throughout the year.
* Bus Facility for Attending off Campus Drives.
* Bus facility for Industrial visits.
* Full provision of back up service in place to avoid any breakdown.

Apart from Facilitating College's own Students and Staff Members, the College Management believes in extending benevolent services and to extend this vision of serving the society, Transport Assistance is also provided to students coming to attend Centralized Campus Drives.


The college has their huge mess , which serves healthy and best nutritious cuisines to its students. Mess Facilities
* Mess facility is an integral part of the college, which provides wholesome, nutritious & homely food to all hostellers, faculty & staff members .
* The mess serves Vegetarian Food only and operates in self service mode.
* The menu of the items is designed in consideration with requirements of the students and nutrition is added to make it healthy and complete.
* The stay in the hostel gives a sense of solidarity amongst the students. Mess caters to the tastes of the students of different region and students with varied culinary preferences.
* Mess menu is planed and managed by the management in consultation with the students. Canteen
The college has its own canteen, which serves healthy and nutritious food to its students at subsidized rates. The menu varies from spicy samosas, wafers to full-meals. The students also have a wide range of chocolates and soft drinks to choose from.


BLDEA's College of Pharmacy Provides the Gym Facility for all Students.A Healthy mind resides in a Healthy Body, complying with the saying, a professionally managed environment is created for the students. Both Physical and Mental Health play an important role for the well being of an Individual. In tune with the objective of all round development of the students, the campus is equipped with an in-house gymnasium. It contains world lass equipments like treadmills and strength machines for exercise and work out. In short, the gym provides an ideal atmosphere for the students to provide overall & sound development.


The Auditorium is the venue for various academic & cultural events. It is a acoustically designed with a seating capacity of 500 persons with an excellent communication network that provides the desired connectivity between Speaker and the audience. video display systems that provide comfortable atmosphere to help make an excellent presentation. Its main features include a high-tech sound system, lavish seating arrangement, high quality mikes, vast screen, and the LCD projector. Apart from hosting all college functions it is used for conducting Placement Drives, Pre Placement Talks, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, cultural festivals, Prize and Incentives Distribution Ceremonies, etc.


The State Bank of India have installed Automated Teller Machines (ATM) at the BLDEA's College of Pharmacy. This ATM caters to the requirements of the students and the staff, and, since it is located in the campus, it saves their precious time and effort.


Amenities at BLDEA's College of Pharmacy provide far more than academic and administrative facilities on campus. It is dedicated to provide students with an exceptional infrastructure for learning as well as facilities for simplifying the procurement of fundamental skills. To accomplish the goal, BLDEA's College of Pharmacy offers the following :

*Green Campus

The college has an impressive and pollution-free campus with panoramic green surroundings, elegant landscaping and beautiful flowerbeds.

*Water & Electricity

The college has complete arrangements to deliver uninterrupted water and electricity supply for the students, round the clock. Sufficient water coolers with filtered water are available throughout the campus to provide clean drinking water to the students. In case of power failures, high power generators are also available. Constant monitoring is carried out to ensure that cleanliness is given utmost importance.


Health is wealth. Keeping this in mind regular health checkup Camps are organized in the campus to examine the health of students and staff members. Acquisition of health related knowledge, attitudes, skills and practices empower students to pursue a healthy life. The energetic students take full advantage of every opportunity to learn and thus achieve higher - academic excellence & tend to maximize social relationships and interactions, thus improving their chances of balanced progress.


Each hostel is provided with necessary first aid facilities. The college provides free first aid to the students in college campus during working hours. Qualified physicians are available in the close proximity of the college & hostels for consultancy. Facilities Navigation


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