Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology:

This Department deals with molecular Pharmacology, toxicology, anatomy, physiology and pathology,led by senior staff. this Department has 4 labs that enable pharmacological research.Department has also published several papers in leading national/ international journals. advanced methods and a range of equipment given below,enhance the learning process.
* Digital analgesiometer.
* Electroconvulsiometer.
* Pole Climbing apparatus.
* Histamine Chamber.
* ECG.
* Plethysmometer

Department of Pharmaceutics:

Depth Knowledge Of Pharma-industries by arranging visits and facilitating research . Equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories. The Department provides a thorough practical orientation to the students. The Department has published several papers in leading national/international journals. Currently it is engaged in a novel research project pertaining to drug delivery. A list Of Sophisticated equipment owned by the Department is Given below. *Programmable table dissolution rate tester
*Digital Disintegration tester.
*Digital fibrillator.
*Rotary tablet press(ten station).
*UV-Visible Spectrophotometer.
*Stability Chamber.

Department Of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry:

An interesting facet of this Department are the botanical tours across India that are arranged to create awareness among students. Aided by Staff, this Department also boasts of a range equipment that enables students to get a practical understanding of the subject. Department has also published several papers in leading national /international journals. *Soxhelet extractors.
*Hot sir ovens.
*Chromatography kit.
*Laminar flow bench.
*Muffle Furnace.
*Rotary Flash Evaporator.

Medicinal Garden

A fascinating world of its own, the medical garden is spread across 1.5 acres within the college campus and has trees, shrubs, climbers, seasonal plants and aromatic plants.Each one of them is taxonomically defined and has a relevance in the study of pharmacy. It is truly unique to find such a splendid collection that defines the goodness of nature.

Department Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry:

Actively engaged in seminars, workshops and conferences pertaining to pharmaceutical Chemistry, this Department has a faculty that encourages healthy interaction with Students. Department has also published several papers in leading national /international journals. The latest Techniques and processes are taught in the four labs that contain a wide Array of sophisticated equipment. *FTIR.
*Digital Balance.
*Karl-Fischer Titrator.
*pH Meter.
*Flame Photometer.
*UV Spectrophotometer.
*Other facilities for organic Synthesis.


Developed By:Hanamesh S Bandi